The Execution Factor
The fastest path to outstanding performance
Rapid Performance Improvement for Manufacturing and Project-Based Organizations
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An average plan with perfect execution will outperform the perfect plan with average execution
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Performance improvement follows execution improvement
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Outperform Your Competition
Do you ever feel like something is holding back your organization’s performance?  That delivering on-time seems to take a lot more effort that you think it should?

At a strategic level, it seems to make sense.
Determine what the most important work is, then focus your resources to complete that work as fast as possible.

The Conventional Approach
Plan, then execute
A schedule (plan) is created by,

Setting a priority – Typically the sooner the want date the higher the priority.

Setting the timing - Using the estimated task times and capacity. 

You execute the plan, and the magic happens.
The Problem
The world in which we operate is extremely dynamic and constantly changing.

What can go wrong, goes wrong, and at the worst possible time of course...

The actual time taken to perform a task is likely to be different to the estimated time.

The actual capacity available may well be different to the planned capacity.

These are just some of the many factors that cause things not to happen as per the plan.

The changed conditions are not reflected in the plan and it cannot be executed in its current form.

People work on what they think is best and you are forced to re-plan using the current conditions.

By the time you have finished re-planning, conditions have changed again so you are stuck in this vicious cycle.

Unreliable Information
Lack of Visibility
Mediocre Performance
The Solution
Execute, then plan
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“No battle plan ever survives the first encounter with the enemy” 
Helmuth van Moltke
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Anticipate variability and unreliable information.  Use it to your advantage by planning for it.

Use the real-world conditions that exist at this instant to determine the work with the greatest threat of finishing late to set the priority.  Make this information visible everywhere.

Use simulation and predictive prioritization to see your future reality.

Plan today to change the bits of the future that you don't like to maximize your performance.

A Reliable Environment
X-Ray Vision
Outstanding Performance
Protective Flow Manufacturing™ 
Aligning your organization's resources with the highest priority work in real time so you can focus on completing the right work as fast as possible.

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