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Protected Flow Manufacturing™
Struggling to Get Product Out to Your Customers On Time?  Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) helps you drastically improve on-time delivery by prioritizing what needs to happen first, not what’s due first.

It’s Time to Evolve Beyond Scheduling and Into Flow.
We can help you succeed when other scheduling methods and solutions have failed.

  • Gain instant visibility into your entire WIP status and each work order’s associated Threat Level.
  • Identify work orders at risk of being late and problematic operations that need urgent attention.
  • Know exactly where your work orders are and how they’re progressing, which job to work on next, and when customers will receive their order.
Alert. Recommend. Do.
PFM’s Threat-Level Prioritization increases shop floor productivity and promotes better flow by bringing actionable intelligence directly to those closest to the work and ensuring everyone is always working on the right job, next.

There’s Nothing Finite  About It
Unlike traditional shop floor production scheduling that focuses on finite capacity and static planning, PFM is the only manufacturing production planning and execution system that accounts for variability by adjusting to real-time conditions.

  • Prevent resource bottlenecks, increased wait times, and confusion over priorities by controlling the release of work with a “just-right date.”
  • Make and keep your customer promises with time allowances that stay up-to-date with the passage of time.
  • Eliminate time-consuming production scheduling meetings with a simple, powerful priority method that everyone can agree on.
Prove the Work
Before You Do the Work

Stop struggling with shop floor production scheduling software that relies on “best-laid plans.” With PFM Planning, simulate the way you'll be executing jobs at each future moment to identify and prevent problematic work orders from derailing production.

  • Expose obstacles such as machine bottlenecks, manpower constraints, and material/tooling availability.
  • See how and when you will be able to complete all jobs based on the capacity and resources you have.
  • Simulate your future by the week, day, hour, or even minute-by-minute to show issues as they're predicted to occur.

Easy to IntegrateEasier to Use
PFM is designed to deliver results, fast, and can be customized to work with how you already manage shop floor production today – whether that is as a standalone solution or integrated with your existing manufacturing ERP.

  • Accept data from virtually any source, including a standard connector that integrates directly with most manufacturing ERP software.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Get up and running quickly and build trust in PFM with dedicated service and support from a team that is invested in your success.

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“Before PFM, if a customer called asking when they were going to get their parts it felt a bit like shooting from the hip.  Now, we have confidence in the numbers we see in PFM.”
Derek Segura, Project Manager